CGIWrap - Access Control Files

CGIWrap includes faclities similar to the cron facility for controlling who can access scripts. In general, I don't use this facility except to have a deny file available in those cases when I see someone abusing cgi scripts/extreme CPU utilization/obvious security hole/etc.

Note that none of the below is effective unless you have enabled access control files when you configure and install CGIWrap.

Access Control Logic

Basically, in order for a user to be allowed to execute scripts through cgiwrap: If the allow file exists, the user has to be in it. If the deny file exists, the user can't be in it.

File Format

Without the host checking enabled, the format is just one userid per line. Same format as the cron allow and deny files.

With host checking enabled, it is (i think):


where x is the network and y is the mask. Userid can be * to match all users at that network/mask.

VHost Access Control

If the vhost based access control option is enabled, cgiwrap will check a per-vhost access control file for access. The files are placed in the vhost-allow-dir and vhost-deny-dir specified at configure time, and are named according to the all-lowercase value of HTTP_HOST.

If both global and vhost are enabled, both wil be checked.